Mr Blackbirds Slugfeast

Mr Blackbird has been tucking into worms and slugs (Spanish Superslug Monsters) this week.

Got hungry chicks to feed so any grubby grub will do.

He has to stab the slugs a few hundred times first. Then give them a good wiping, to clean all their slimy slime off.

Then he picks them to pieces to make them palatable.

He easily dispensed, dispatched, and destroyed, most of the sluglys available.

Slug elimination courtesy of Mr Blackbird Pest Control.

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet

Jackdaw Jackanapes

Various pairs of jackdaws couple the nearby rooftops.

They frequently fly down to the bird table.

Jackdaws are the lighter members of the dark family of morbid corvids.

They’re comical, companionable, charlies. Make you chuckle.

“They does wot they likes….and they likes wot they do…..”

Dave Dunnock is dinging his dong

Dave Dunnock flew into the back garden with his Mississ.

They were bopping about being frisky.

She puffed up her behind showing him her cloaca.

He did his ding-dongy dunnock dance.

Would he, right in front of us in the kitchen, jump in and give her one?

We waited with bated breath.

But, just as he seemed about to –  she flew off.

The Tease.

Words & Vids: Ian Nisbet

A Peanutty Sparrow

Unexpected – but very welcome – a rare little house sparrow has turned up in the back garden this week.

How sad it is to say ‘a rare little house sparrow’. But it’s true. Sparrows, once very common, are now becoming increasingly scarce.

So we need to treasure every sparrow, and every other little ‘brown job’, that flies in from out of the ether, from out of nowhere.

A delight they are to see. Especially when they’re munching peanuts.

Dave Dunnock is Singing

This ‘Dave’ Dunnock has been faithfully turning up in the garden all year long.

He’s a little ‘brown job’ but he’s not a sparrow. He’s not an anything. You might not even notice or know he’s there.

Until you know he’s there.
And then you’ll miss him if he isn’t.
But he always seems to want to be coming back.

To sing his not much of a little song.

Sometimes he flies in his Mississ. And they have a hoppy pop about the wisteria.

Dear ‘Davey’ Dunnock. What a tiny treasure you are.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet. Filming: Hazel Brown.

Blackbird singing in the Wisteria

This is the blackbird that has been visiting the back garden all winter long.

Mr Blackbird flies into the wisteria first thing in the morning. He flushes. He sings. He scratches. He sings. He flits off.

He’s frequently flying back in during the day. To feed. To watch. To sing. To check everything is in order.

His Mississ also flies in to feed from seeds on the little patio wall.

In the evening he flashes back on to the wisteria. He flushes. He sings. He scratches. He flips around. He makes (or has) a bit of a song and dance.

Hazes back garden is his gaffe. Her wisteria is his sentry post.

Mr Blackbird and his Mississ will be making babies soon.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet.