New Years Eve Gold

We sat in the car in Meadfoot beach car park for over an hour, drinking coffee, watching, filming; a couple of crows came jumping about in the rain puddles, then the pied wagtail – possibly the one Haze filmed a couple of weeks ago – flitted in.

A lovely sky going on there over the bay. Goldenous clouds being beamed beautiful by the falling winter sun in scintillating gleams and glimmers.

The gloomy turbulence of 2017 given an end of year shine.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Starlingbursts in the silverbirch

Can I post yet another vid about birds in the silver birch outside the kitchen window?

Of course I can.

Especially when the clouds and the silver birch and the starlings combine together to such ‘startling’ effect.

Pretty as a picture it all is.

Impossible not to feel amazed.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Hogs pudding sarnies on Meadfoot Beach

Down to Meadfoot beach this afternoon to wolf down our hogs pudding sarnies.

Yappy yap dogs were everywhere. It’s October 1st. They’re allowed back to shit on beaches for the winter.

Of shags we could see hardly any.

Over towards Paington and Brixham were these little sailboats


Were they racing? No, they were flapping back and forth, as if part of a school.

There was plenty of weather around. The seasky was portentous with voluminous cloud.


Dump a shower of rain and a bolt of thunder up these dogs arses please!

The sailboats flippy flapped on, left to right, right to left across the brothy sea.


Words & Photo’s: Ian Nisbet

The Chagford Clangers

It’s Haze’s unofficial birthday today (birthday not actually until Monday)

We’ve driven down to Kingswear and gone up a dry creek (without a paddle, or wellies)

There’s been some top class Hazey waving at puff puff trains again.

There was a big seal chomping down mackerel by the quay; unfortunately, we were ferrying over to Dartmouth so I couldn’t see him/her very clearly.

Church bells had been clamouring away all afternoon. Why? Turns out it was a bell ringing competition in St Saviour church: the 8 Bell Final featuring teams of local campanologists.

Here I am swaying around and around to the Chagford Ringers (or Clangers). Made me go all swirly giddy them did.

(Ear muffs will be required when listening to this vid).

I don’t know if Chagford were victorious though.

But they won my Gold Medal Moment of the afternoon award.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet.