Of Moon Elves & Cloud-Selves

I’ve lifted these ‘stills’ from the vid clips of the supermoon i shot last night (writes Ian). Not that they were still exactly. They kept mutating and morphing.

The moon is a magical mistress, playing tricks on our imaginations. We see ambiguous figures and fantastical forms. We see figments of faces.

moon-elf-old-man-2What does it look like to you? Something out of a Grimms Fairytale perhaps. But whats it doing stuck up there on a cloud in the middle of the night?

And what is this meant to be? An oriental moon-cat?

moon-elf-lion-manAnd this, well this is a medieval muppet obviously. Grisling right up into the face of his somnolent sleeping companion

moon-muppet-elfEverywhere in this mushroom moon cloud are eyes staring out

Looking to somewhere I don’t know, into the Betwixt or the Beyond.

moon-elf-staring-eyes-no-mouthLooking bereft, forlorn, looking lost and haunted.

This man just looks like he’s had enough, looks nonplussed, about to expire his last clouded breath.

moon-elf-open-mouthed-2So many faces, effigy-like, packed together in this moon of cloud

How many can you see bundled together here?

many-moon-elves-3I got to about 12 (or possibly 14)

Here is how I ended the film: with the Main Moon Man

supermoon-elf-2So all these images are within the realms of fantasy, they’re dream-like grotesques and cartoons.

But now we’re getting onto something which feels, well – spooky.

She’s disturbing me this little girl

moon-childSat on her cloud like little Miss Tuffet

This image is perhaps the most perturbing of all.

moon-elf-with-woman-lying-underThat is a mans face. That is a womans face. They are – or were – human beings right? That woman looks like she could be in a photograph (not up in a cloud)

This is all very strange. I can hardly believe what I’m seeing.

Maybe I haven’t really seen any of this. Maybe it was just moon cloud clowning about in the camera.