Stormy Birch, Steady Birds

Storm Calum rocking and rolling the silver birch outside my kitchen window.

And the jackdaws rocking and rolling with it, as easy and as steady as you like.

Gives vivid meaning to the word ‘steadfast’.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Jackdaw Summer Camp

Hundreds of young jackdaws come into town for their annual summer camp.

A chance to find a mate to pair up with.
A chance for a good chin-wag and catch up on all the latest goss.
A chance to show off some fancy sky dance moves.
A chance to make a right old racket before bed.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

A Jack ack daw alarm clock

This is how I’ve been getting rudely awoken every morning this month.

By 200 plus ack jacking clattering jackdaws.

Less than a stone throws away from my bedroom window.

Not that I would throw a stone of course.

At the infuriating dinfully delightful little fluckers.

I suppose you could call it an early daws daw (n) chorus (or cackoffphony)

Vid & Chonic Lack of Sleepfulness: Ian Nisbet

Jackdaws settling for bed

Jackdaws are back. Been back a few weeks now.
At least 200. Maybe 300.

Around 40 sit in the silver birch, getting themselves settled for bed.
Not wanting to go to bed too soon.
Waiting. Preening. Sitting and waiting. Cleaning. Chattering.

I was waiting too. For them all to take off, in a big flyover flock off around the town.

But that didn’t happen tonight.
They peeled off the birch in ones and twos.
To rocket into their roost.
The car park behind us is where they sleep.
All 200/300 of them.
Barely a stones throw from my bedroom window.

Not that I would throw a stone at them of course.
(when they wake me up at the crack of dawn)

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet