Blue Moon

A moon filmed in the blue hour of the night (1st of April) (with a little segment of its morning descent added at the end)

This is a Blue Moon.

The next full moon will be pink.

Filming: Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet

A Morning Moon

Filmed around 6. a.m. just as the moon was about to dip down over the horizon.

The new Lumix TZ35 camera is looking, and zooming, good!

Filming: Hazel Brown

A Cello Moon

A full moon. I’m up to the church on the hill to film spiders.

Faint murmuring of music quietly echoes around the gravestones.

When I slip inside the ruined church a sad solo cello is quietly groaning. I can’t see where it’s coming from.

Looming from out of the shadows is a figure on the floor. Dead silent, and still. A body left unattended, awaiting burial? Gulp.

The solitary cello sounds like it’s reverberating from the ground up, whispering and whining from within the stones.

I’m about to be spooked when the cello loudly lurches out into an upswell of swollen strings.

The corpse in the corner suddenly moves its leg.

It’s a middle-aged man laid out on the ground. In this dark ruined church. On his own. Looking up to the full moon shrouded in clouds.

Listening to John Taveners Protecting Veil.

Probably having an epiphany.

Until I turned up.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Dark Moon

Haven’t made one of these moon vids for a while (last one was 5 months ago, beginning of August) I didn’t want to do a repeat of vids I’ve done before. But this December moon has been playing hide and seek inside all the dark clouds raining on us this month.

And this moon will be full on Xmas day. That hasn’t happened for 38 years (1977) and won’t happen again for another 19 years (2034) So there might be another vid coming up very soon!

Vid: Ian Nisbet

The Long Lane Down


Late summer woods, blackberries unripened.
Tinged leaves curled against the heat of a Saturday bake.
N’ westerly breezes breathe cool evening out onto the tired landscape of August hedgerows.
Seedpods, black, already scattering messages for next Spring’s busy schedule.
Crunch…snap…. pop pop!
Snowy bunched cow parsley, laced and bondaged
wink seduction to passers by.
Brittled by hot sun and winds out of season, tall grasses lie strewn, snapped in a fervour of summer’s abundance.
Would the massing clouds race us to the clifftop?

Our upward saunter through this winding woodpath, past stunted oaks
draped and dripping in shadow cloaks
led us out onto a huge sky.
Always a shock after enclosure.
A sky that brought an intake of breath, where sea and sky, were belting out brilliance!
Sea, a solid expanse of granite blue – and then – we saw – the sudden appearance of the Moon
wearing surprise eyebrows
fast poking her head up over the straight-ruled horizon.
She flamed with the fires of that searing setting sun!
We snapped and clicked, caught her laughing face face in our hands!
Rise, and shine, she did; spitting out light across the wide Bay, rolling out a red carpet
from ship to shore.

With evening drifting by.
Bats swooped,zipped and played dimpsey tricks with our eyes.
The long lane down, dark down beneath blackened trees shapes.
Papermoths dazzled by our torches, ziggzagged through the dense undergrowth
of nettle, sorrel, pink sweet mallow, tangled with knots of bindweed.
Moonlight, torchlight, exchanged with sealight and starlight on a midnight stage.
Giving us a grand theatre of possibilities
– as we lay on the wet sand.

 – written by Hazel Brown