‘Highly Evolved Souls’


Illustration: Hazel Brown

I reckon the

Dalai Lama
Lez Dawson
D H Lawrence
Virginia Woolf
Ivor Cutler
Little Jonsi
Alan Bennett
Nigel Slater
Leonard Cohen
Bob Dylan
David Attenborough
Miss Worthington
The Admirable Watson

Have been, or will become, moths

(Geoffrey Boycott however, is, has, and always will be, a slug)

Words: Ian Nisbet


Ghostly Mothwhites

Collecting together dribs and drabs of clips of the streetlamp nightlife I filmed earlier this month. The camcorder zooms closer in; these ‘faerie whites’ have become jumpy moths.

But maybe they’ll magically metamorph back into faeries the next time I look.

Video: Ian Nisbet

Faerie Whites

More late night filming of the street lamp outside my living room window; but are they moths scootling about or are they something else?

What are these strange ethereal nightlight beings?

The sensible way to explain them is to consider them to be hawkmoths.

But they appear amorphous. And they seem ambiguous. And they feel, well, they feel kind of fantastical.

They’ve certainly captured my imagination (and Hazel’s) these last 4 or 5 weeks.

They’ve made me wonder, and feel intrigued. And even be a little bit betwitched.

Poplar Hawkmoth

Poplar HawkmothIllustration: Hazel Brown

You could be a tree
bark inconspicuously.

You could be the lintel
upon that gate
still, but wide awake.

You could be the stalker
in my head
that backs up

You could be the dream
of float and flight
that steals my

You could be the lady
of this lamp
across the street

that I might

You could be the Faerie
of zoom and blind
I feel to find

that enchants
my mind.

Words: Ian Nisbet