The Echo of your Breath (rebreathed)

A rebreathing of a little poem Haze wrote in May 2015

The echo of your breath
Is here in my room.
Light liquid tenderness flows
Through my heart

The touch of your fingers
Snowflake ..frosted
Breaks upon my skin

Threads of honeyed kisses
Will fly on the cold night air
From my soft lips to yours

Your soul has woven itself
Into my hair.


Poem & Picture: Hazel Brown (4 Dec 2016)

Dartmoor Stones


Quartz pitted
Lichened by light

Stone rows.
Circles and cup marks
Cairns on Cut Hill
Cists at Drizzlecombe

Who were they, these people of stone?

Into a 21st century dawn, tumbled
Bracelets, baskets and beads…!
Her goods for the ever-life
Leaving behind … her fears..tears..?
The stone people live on.
We are they.

Drawing & Poem: Hazel Brown

Beside the Seaside

By the seaside edit.JPG

Oh!….. I do like to be to beside the seaside
Oh!……I do like to be beside the sea
Where the gulls snatch your food
And the sailor boys are rude
Your sandwiches get chewed
Yet it gets me in the mood
As the Brass band plays…Tiddly on pom Pom
Oh!… I do love to be beside the seaside
Oh! …I do love to be beside the Sea!!

Words & Drawing: Hazel Brown

A Red Devon

Haze drew this after we’d seen those cows munching in tune to the bells in Cockington. She knows I like a good cow.

Red Devon cow edit

Illustration: Hazel Brown

I got green hills in me
Right up me udders

Pastured on rollicking
Rolls of meadows sweet

I am. I’s chow-down in chew
I’s proper Devon dozy

Thick double creamed and cosy
You herd my matey moo?

A buddi benign bovine
The easiest clumper cooow

You ever cud meet
Red round and rosey

Summat hard to unrefine
I’s Devon thro and thro

Words: Ian Nisbet

Grebes and Divers

According to a local birdy watcher expert grebes and divers can be seen in Torbay this summer. Not that we’ve seen any yet. We’re still trying to get our eyes securely logged on to shags and cormorants.

Hello Great Crested Grebe
How are you today?
Been puddling about this bay?

Great Crested Grebe edit

Bibbling and bobbling.
Thats what I done all day.
Snacking on sprats and soles.
It’s what a Grebe do best – gobbling!

What about you, you Great Northern Diver you?
Had any luck?

Great Northern Diver

I got mistaken for a duck!
Total disgrace.
And downright disrespectful.
I’m much more beautiful.
Got a completely different face

And you, you Red Necked Grebe, are you feeling grebed?
What? You’ve also been mistaken?
For what?

Red necked grebe edit

I ain’t a Duck or Diver!
Why don’t people look!
Get out their RSPB book!

Me! Yes me. This is me
Can’t you see?
A Red Throated Diver
I don’t look anything like that Grebe!

Red throated Diver edit

My goodness grebess me!
We are a touchy lot aren’t we duckies!
Sorry sorry, very sorry. You aren’t ducks of course.
Just teasing!
You’re Grebes
And you’re Divers.
Completely different, diverse.
I’ll know now. What you are.
Next time I see you all.
Paddling in the Bay.
I’ll look at these portraits!

Illustrations: Hazel Brown; Words: Ian Nisbet