Places visited

Goldfinches in the Hawthorn

A lovely morning up on the cliffs above Babbacombe Bay this Easter Saturday.

Goldfinches were in the hawthorn.

Puffling and chittering away to their, and our, hearts content.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet


Black Tailed Godwits on the Go Go Go

Busily going about their business with a full plungeful of bill.

A relentless need to find food and feed their faces into mud these Godwits.

While all around the estuary and the marshes the light was bright with being beautiful.

Limpid, lucent, lovely it was. Just about everywhere I looked.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

The Wild Swan

Crossing the long wooden footbridge over the river Clyst you see this

Wild Swan 3 27 Feb 2019

A Wild Swan

(you try to ignore that stupidly misplaced plastic bottle)

At one time this big bird of a boat was somebodys ideal home in an iydllic location.

Wild Swan 2 27 Feb 2019

They’d sit out there on the deck watching the trains rattle by, listening to the burbling of the curlews and godwits, while sipping some sparkling bubbly refreshment.

Wild Swan 4 27 Feb 2019

But whoever these somebodys were they’ve long gone now.

Left their Wild Swan behind.

Wild Swan 5 27 Feb 2019

Abandoned it to the river and the tides.

Birdy Bliss at Bowling Green Marsh

Back again to Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham for a 2nd visit.

There are so many birds to see and hear: Little Egret, Grey Heron, Teal, Black Tailed Godwit, Curlew, Song Thrush, Wigeon, Black Headed Gull (also Greenshank and Redshank, Shoveler and Pintail Ducks – I’ll stick them in separate vids)

At the back of the Marsh was a lurking limping fox. None of the birds seemed at all bothered by it (as it wasn’t bothering them)

It was easy, on a bright beautiful Spring day like yesterday was, to feel blissed out on all these birdies.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet