Places visited

Shimmering Sunday Sea

Another vid of last Sundays early morning visit to Institute beach.

Cormorants drying out on the rocks.
Cormorants ducking and diving.
Cormorants skimmer shot across the bay.

The sunny sea shimmering gold.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet


Sunday Swans on Institute Beach

Up early on a bright winter morning. Off to our favourite place: Institute Beach.

Would we see the Grey Heron? (No)
Would we see the Little Egret? (Yes) (but No – it didn’t stay)
Would we see Cormorants? (Yes) and Shags? (Yes)
Would we see the Kingfisher? (Yes. It flashed by, far too quick to get a camera on)
Would we see the Seal (No) or the second Seal (No)

But what we did see, most delightfully, were these 2 juvenile cygnets

They could be brothers. They could be sisters.

Simply floating around in the sea as easy as you like.

When it comes to bringing peace to Sunday mornings, these two swans seem to have it sussed.

“Fox!” “Fox!” “FOX!!”

Walking through Lincombe Woods this afternoon.

Haze & Fox in Lincombe Wood Jan 2018

Here is Haze.                                              And there is a Fox.

A what ?!?       “A FOX! A FOX! A FOX!!”

Haze was one side of the beech, the fox the other.

Fox in Lincombe Woods Jan 2018 edit

Shouting “FOX!” ‘FOX!!” “FOX!!!” did nothing to endear me to the said animal.

It shot off quick from whence it came, scarping back into the woods.

Fox in Lincombe Woods 2 Jan 2018

In future it might be best if I refrained from shouting my head off like some demented Springwatch presenter.

Got to curb the enthusiasm. Got to cool the hot jets on my eager zeal.

Got to stop getting so bleddy EXCITED!!

Shag Rock (minus shags)

Saturday afternoon Dec 2017

Walking along Meadfoot beach towards Triangle Point.

Paignton and Goodrington are in the midground behind. On the far horizon is possibly Churston or Clennon Gorge.

That isn’t a shag stood on the top. It’s a gull.

It starts to rain in a minute. So picture taking had to be abandoned.

The next sunsetty photo of Shag Rock WILL have shags in, and on, it.