Silver Birch

Stormy Birch, Steady Birds

Storm Calum rocking and rolling the silver birch outside my kitchen window.

And the jackdaws rocking and rolling with it, as easy and as steady as you like.

Gives vivid meaning to the word ‘steadfast’.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Snow Sunday

The “Beast from the East” is back. Not being quite as beastly as it was a couple of weeks ago.

I opened the kitchen window this morning to a snowed in world again.

Snow Sunday March 18th 2018

Thro the open living room window flake-awake snow flew flurries straight onto my face.

Snow Sunday 5 March 18th 2018

Up in the silver birch were 12 stoical starlings (and a couple of other smaller birds)

Snow Sunday 6 March 18th 2018

I took some vids of the starlings chatter chittering away together (will look at them later to see if a little film might be possible)

In the afternoon I’m walking out the backend of Buckfastleigh on the lane towards Hapstead, with soft swirls of snow still falling, finessing, and filigreeing the trees and bushes.

Snow Sunday 2 March 18th 2018

Oodles of freshly laid snow powder puffing the hedgerows.

Snow Sunday 3 March 18th 2018

The snow reforming everywhere near and far into re-enchantments of light white.

Snow Sunday 4 March 18th 2018

Cranky Crow of White Wing

A quick try out and test this morning of Hazes newly arrived Lumix TZ35 camera.

Lets try zooming right up into this crow caw cawing in the silver birch.

And who should it be? None other than the Crow of White Wing.

A somewhat Cranky Crow of White Wing.

Possibly in need of a bit of crow-love. Of the uncranky variety.

(The TZ35 Lumix passed its test with a big thumbs up)

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Crow of White Wing

A first. I’ve never seen a crow with a white wing before.

Could be that it, or she, was an old crow. A croney crow.

Her white wing a sign perhaps of great old age.

By the end of this winter she could be completely white.

She seemed to want to befriend the chattery starlings in the silver birch. Join in with their bright sparkly energy.

A second crow flew in. Croney crow ignored him (or her)