Sparrows playing the pond

It’s extraordinary how much affinity sparras appear to have for water.

They love playing around, in, and over, the garden pond.

Wannabe water birds them am.

(First bit of vid starts with sparras fighting at the feeders)

Filming: Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet


Of Alarmed & Lighted Wings

As the back garden sparras attack the fatballs and feeders
They in turn get attacked and alarmed by the life or death sirens racing back and forth from Torbay Hospital.

The World of Shrieking Siren.
Or the World of Squabbly Sparrow.

Take your pick.

Filming: Hazel Brown; Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Charming Goldfinches

You wait for one goldfinch to arrrive and 2 turn up, then 3.

Picking and popping away on those sunflower seeds.

In this vid you see sparrows muscling in onto the feeder, attempting to knock the goldfinches down the pecking order.

Hey cheeky sparras! –  peckin goldfinches bottums and pinchin their sunflower seeds is not allowed. Its norty, stop it!

Vid: Ian Nisbet

A Squabble of Sparra’s

A whole colony of sparrows appear to have decamped into the back garden over the last month or so.

As many as 20 were counted bouncing about last week. Jumping in and off the feeders, the birdtable, the waterbowl, the apple tree, the palm tree, the willow, the ivy, the gate, the fence, the pond, the wisteria. Just about everywhere choka wiv sparra.

Fighting one another to get on the fatballs.
A squabble of sparras would be an apt collective noun for these cheeky chirpers.

UPDATE: And now it appears there’s a sparra nest in the wisteria. Haze found a tiny tipped out dead chick on the ground today.
An increase of 20 to 30 to 40 is not out of the question.

Question is: How many sparras can a little back garden take?

Filming: Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet