Henrietta Winda Spida (Take 3)

I’ve stupidly upset my winter guest.

Blocking the escape route back to her tiny corner hole.

Making her jump about arse over tit on her web.

She was not at all pleased. Very put out to be put upon (and poked with a pencil)

Couldn’t wait to get away from the disgraceful ignomy I was putting her through. Danced down my arm, abseiled smartly down the wall – and legged it sharpish.

Possibly never to be seen again.

Goodbye Henrietta winda spida. Come back again next winter!

Henrietta Winda Spida (Take 2)

So Henrietta my bedroom winda spida is still here. I reckon she’s been up there on that window ledge for the last 2 months. She ain’t going nowhere.

I did frighten her a bit a few days ago though; blocked her little corner escape exit. I wasn’t wanting to hurt her; merely get a better – closer – look at how beautiful she is. Anyway, she disappeared for a couple of days, probably in a huff; most decidedly put out by my crude intrusion into her perfectly ordered and organised life.

But she’s back now. Every morning when I wake up she’s there, sat dead-still on her web, waiting for her cornflakefly breakfast.

Henrietta? – go and make me a cup of tea, you lazy madam!

Video: Ian Nisbet

Henrietta (winda spida)

A vid of ‘Henrietta’. She lives with me. In my bedroom. Next to my bed. But not in my bed. Above my bed. Hangs over my head. She owns the window. Has cast her cloudy web across the entire ledge.

She stays still, watchful, alert. She may be hung there while I’m asleep all night. When I wake up I try to ‘capture’ her with my camera. But she scuttles off into her little corner to evade any of my ‘interference’ in her living space. I’m not allowed to clean up. She takes care of all the domestics thank you very much.

If it carries on being as warm as it’s been so far, she might lodge on my ledge all winter long. And I’d better behave!

Vid: Ian Nisbet