Some extra bits from Avon Dam Walk

I didn’t see a lot of bird yesterday, but kept eyes open for whatever else might be around the next nook or cranny.

And there’s always something on offer, something you least expect to see.

Such as these diddy little brown bundles; peering at me through the gauze of their hairy fringes.

Highland Cow 3 New Years Day 2019

Turns out they were a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle relocated, for some no doubt very viable commercial reason, to the bubbly hills of Devon.

Like toy cows, but apparently hardy little buggers.

Perhaps these scruffy fringes help protect their eyes from all those pesky Scottish midges.

Highland Cow 2 New Years Day 2019

A mile from Habourneford you have to go through this dense Tree Tunnel

Tree Tunnel New Years Day 2019

I’ve often felt slightly spooked whenever I’ve walked through it.
And there always seem to be crows or other portentous black birds flapping furtively about deep inside, as if warning you off.

On the way back from the Dam I could have ended up in
South Bent

Fuckfastleigh New Years Day 2019

Or Fuckfastleigh.
I chose neither.

Despite aching feet, I contentedly tromped my 7 mile walk back

Especially as, when looking across the horizon, I saw this

Sunset over Brent Hill New Years Day 2019

The sun setting over Brent Hill.

Don’t know that I’d do this long walk to Avon Dam again in a hurry.
But just for yesterday, it was exactly what I needed.

Buckie Bells & Birds

What beautiful summer evenings we’ve had this month.

I’m listening to the church bells being rung from the church on the top of the hill.

And along come a blackbird, a song thrush, a chaffinch, and several jackdaws to sweeten the harmony.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Shag Rock (minus shags)

Saturday afternoon Dec 2017

Walking along Meadfoot beach towards Triangle Point.

Paignton and Goodrington are in the midground behind. On the far horizon is possibly Churston or Clennon Gorge.

That isn’t a shag stood on the top. It’s a gull.

It starts to rain in a minute. So picture taking had to be abandoned.

The next sunsetty photo of Shag Rock WILL have shags in, and on, it.