The Sea

Message in a Bottle: Take 2

This Message in a Bottle is a little late in being sent (it was good to go on New Years day)

But given the dark months we’ve been living through this year the good will sentiments contained within seem evermore relevant.

We ended up throwing it – or Haze was throwing it

Haze chucking in June 2017

– in where we’d thrown our first M in a B: Shoalstone beach.

Last years bottle floated 200+ miles all the way up the English Channel to Hastings in Sussex.

Where will this one end up?

Will it be found, picked up, replied to?

Will there be another Max (from Berlin) wanting and willing to receive it?

Could good fortune possibly strike twice?!

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Message in a Bottle Found!

Haze’s Message in a Bottle has been found in Hastings on the 20th October by a German from Berlin called Alexander. He was taking part in a Battle of Hastings Re-enactment on the beach.

He’s picked Haze’s yellow lidded plastic peanut jar up, he’s looked inside, read her message, probably passed it around for other re-enacters to read; decided to add his own little message to the jar, and then chucked it back into the sea. He took one of Haze’s drawings, and her email address, back to Berlin so he could message a reply.

It’s wonderful. It’s just the kind of magic we wanted to happen when we set these messages in bottles off on their improbably bibbily bobbly journeys (see here > back in March.

So for the last 7 months, Haze’s bottle has been floating its way across Lyme Bay to Weymouth, past Swanage, veering around Isle of Wight, onto Bognor Regis, onto Worthing, onto Brighton, onto Eastbourne, to be finally washed up on Hastings beach; a distance in excess of 200 miles.


Right up the English Channel the little message went. Who knows where it will end up next. Across to Calais perhaps?. Or onto Holland? Or maybe up into the North Sea towards Denmark, or Norway even?! Haze is thrilled. Thrilled to bits. Wants us to reply to Alexander on the weekend; send a warm greeting to him and his wife and daughter.

Who said fairy tales don’t happen?! It’s magical. It’s marvelous.

Footnote: Meanwhile, my little Hungarian slivovitz vodka bottle with its cryptic puzzle is nowhere. Sunk into oblivion. In all probability never to be seen, or heard of, again.

On the Beach


Looking out……
Through a thin veil
To a cold sea….dancing
To the rhythm of a New Moon.
Tireless urgent waves
Gnaw at my feet
Surfaces shift with sad sighing.
There are depths out there
Where dream creatures dive
In their eye-blind element
Unbounded by memory.
Paper thin gulls drift
Shiftless and silent on
This heavy-breathing
Body of blown sea.
Pungent bladder wrack, wrecks..
Heaves…like old clothes
All washed up.
The weight of rock
The insubstantial cliff
Is poised to fall
Spilling it’s billion year
Jurassic secrets
Into the sea’s stormy deeps
Witnessed only by Buzzard and Kestrel.
Then My child remembered dream,
A Labyrinth  of hollows and shadows
Gets snagged
Where sea meets land…
On an edge…..
A Ledge…..?
And I’m Looking…….?
No where!

Words: Hazel Brown (Oct 2016)

Hogs pudding sarnies on Meadfoot Beach

Down to Meadfoot beach this afternoon to wolf down our hogs pudding sarnies.

Yappy yap dogs were everywhere. It’s October 1st. They’re allowed back to shit on beaches for the winter.

Of shags we could see hardly any.

Over towards Paington and Brixham were these little sailboats


Were they racing? No, they were flapping back and forth, as if part of a school.

There was plenty of weather around. The seasky was portentous with voluminous cloud.


Dump a shower of rain and a bolt of thunder up these dogs arses please!

The sailboats flippy flapped on, left to right, right to left across the brothy sea.


Words & Photo’s: Ian Nisbet

Beside the Seaside

By the seaside edit.JPG

Oh!….. I do like to be to beside the seaside
Oh!……I do like to be beside the sea
Where the gulls snatch your food
And the sailor boys are rude
Your sandwiches get chewed
Yet it gets me in the mood
As the Brass band plays…Tiddly on pom Pom
Oh!… I do love to be beside the seaside
Oh! …I do love to be beside the Sea!!

Words & Drawing: Hazel Brown