Thingy Peeple Nos 10 & 11

Spotted more of them mysterious, or possibly even mystical, Thingy Peeple down in little Ela Wood.

This is the secretive Blite Witherins.

Thingy Peeple No 10 Oct 2018

Looked in need of sustenance

About 30 feet further on was this fearsome fella

Thingy Peeple No 11 Oct 2018

Goes by the name of Knuck van Noisome. Has been know to instigate mishaps and misdemeanours.

Both of them are from the Onerous genus.

Thingy Peeple No 4: Mr Nuggetty Lymestone

Wall Thingy Face 2

Oh goodness gracious. Wot twits we am.

Look closely. Under the face of Ligetty Lymstone is another face.

It looks like it could be a relation of Ligetty, yet another Lymestone encrusted into the wall.

Nuggetty Lymstone

Goes by the name of Nugetty, Mr Nugetty Lymstone. He’s the much put upon, down trodden, older brother of Ligetty.

Got totally overlooked. Oh crumbs. Oh golly. Oh gosh.

We apologise most sincerely Mr Nugetty. Now you’ve been spotted you’ll be seen for ever old chap. We won’t let your bruv Ligetty steal all the lymelight!.