At The Stumpy Oak Cross

Stumpy Oak Cross April 2009

This is Hawson Cross: a wayside marker for the old monastic route the ‘Monks Way’. Its stood side by side with that ‘Stumpy Oak’; one of only two on Dartmoor that are officially recognised as being, “historic oak trees”.

The tree is still alive but with a hollowed out trunk.

Stumpy Oak Cross 2 April 2009

Its easy to imagine the cross and the oak becoming as one – given enough entropy to mystically merge them together.

I happened upon this stumpy oak and cross ‘memorial’ just outside Scorriton.
It was being a mildly munificent Spring afternoon.
I could hear all the song birds twittering about. But I couldn’t get at them with the camera. Birds don’t want to be seen. Leave them be.

See the sheep instead. Like this pair of scruffs.

Scruffy sheep April 2019

Whoever’s sheared them didn’t do a very good job (probably shorn by that blind old bat in the Specsavers ad)

Walking on a bit further and what do I see? Yet more scruffiness.

Scruffy pony 1 April 2019

Poor chap couldn’t see what he was doing. Kept bumping into trees.

In need of some serious barbering these shaggy haired toy ponies.

Scruffy pony 4 April 2019

Even this tiny titch, spied through a little gap in the hedge.

Scruffy pony 5 April 2019

Could have done with a good shampoo and set.

Scruffy pony 7 April 2019

Some extra bits from Avon Dam Walk

I didn’t see a lot of bird yesterday, but kept eyes open for whatever else might be around the next nook or cranny.

And there’s always something on offer, something you least expect to see.

Such as these diddy little brown bundles; peering at me through the gauze of their hairy fringes.

Highland Cow 3 New Years Day 2019

Turns out they were a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle relocated, for some no doubt very viable commercial reason, to the bubbly hills of Devon.

Like toy cows, but apparently hardy little buggers.

Perhaps these scruffy fringes help protect their eyes from all those pesky Scottish midges.

Highland Cow 2 New Years Day 2019

A mile from Habourneford you have to go through this dense Tree Tunnel

Tree Tunnel New Years Day 2019

I’ve often felt slightly spooked whenever I’ve walked through it.
And there always seem to be crows or other portentous black birds flapping furtively about deep inside, as if warning you off.

On the way back from the Dam I could have ended up in
South Bent

Fuckfastleigh New Years Day 2019

Or Fuckfastleigh.
I chose neither.

Despite aching feet, I contentedly tromped my 7 mile walk back

Especially as, when looking across the horizon, I saw this

Sunset over Brent Hill New Years Day 2019

The sun setting over Brent Hill.

Don’t know that I’d do this long walk to Avon Dam again in a hurry.
But just for yesterday, it was exactly what I needed.

The Green Lane

Green Lane edit

Climbing up beneath arches of ash, hazel and oak, aware of the narrow stony, stumbling rise through the the wood.

A holloway of tangled bracken, bramble, hung with an over abundance of old man’s beard. Ivy too, climbed, clung in dark green garlands, twisting its knotted tendrils in a bid to strangle the tightly growing tall trees.

No birds sing.
No breeze stirs the humid August air.

Through a breathable mesh of broken twigs, is a glimpse of the sea!
Caught in perpetual frantic movement the glittering waves dance beneath.

The startling morning sunlight.

On we climb, the path twists and turns blinking in dark and light, until leaving the dark holloway.
To reach a clearing.
Where the widening sky and horizon meet.

And still no birds sing.

Words & Illustration: Hazel Brown

Spring afternoon in Tessier Gardens

Tessier Garden Walk edit

A beautiful spring day to take a stroll in Tessier Gardens. A quiet park filled with a variety of trees and flowering shrubs, flower beds bursting with tulips, daffodils, primroses and bluebells.

Birdsong echoes around the park, bumblebees… zig zagging lazily humming .. busily buzzing everywhere and anywhere, exploring this sun-filled warm afternoon.

Time out to sit and sketch … a flask of tea… and I am totally surrounded and absorbed by these magnificent trees!

Sketch & Words: Hazel Brown

A dapper line of gents

From where I am, on the top of Wallaford Hill, I look across and see these neatly estranged row of trees.

Stand of Trees 19th March 2018

Zooming in, they look like they’ve been deliberately, intricately, and intentionally, lined up side by side with one another.

Stand of Trees 3 19th March 2018

To achieve some kind of sculptured show off theatricality.

Like a stand of stagely arranged fussy gentlemen.

Stand of Trees 5 19th March 2018

Next time I’m up there I’ll have to walk over the field to get a closer look, check them out.

Or maybe it would be best to leave them be. Let their stand alone peculiar singularity stay unchecked, and intact.