Misty Pines

Where is this?

Are we in the Honshu forests of Hokkadio?

Misty pines 5 Feb 17th 2018

Are we looking towards the marine pines of Monterey Bay?

Misty pines 10 Feb 17th 2018

No. It’s the top end of Meadfoot beach.

Wrapped up in shrouds of sea mist.


Crow of White Wing

A first. I’ve never seen a crow with a white wing before.

Could be that it, or she, was an old crow. A croney crow.

Her white wing a sign perhaps of great old age.

By the end of this winter she could be completely white.

She seemed to want to befriend the chattery starlings in the silver birch. Join in with their bright sparkly energy.

A second crow flew in. Croney crow ignored him (or her)

Pines pointing to the stars

At dusk the pines around our camp became burnished in sunsetty shimmers.

Trees at sunset edit

From the crackly glow of the campfire we were looking up through the high heads of the pines

Into a voluminous darkness of sparkly glitters.

Being up on Dartmoor gives you that deep sensual awareness of night being properly distinct from day.

So many stars. You forget just how many stars there are up there.

Millions of millions.

Stars just about everywhere you can see.

Spreading out as far and as deep as your imagination can reach.

These pines seemed to be guiding our way in, giving us privileged access.

Starry starry night edit

Paintings: Hazel Brown; Words; Ian Nisbet

Camping with the Tall Pines

As part of Miss H Browns Wild Camping Certificate she needs to complete 3 camps in wildly different locations.

Wild Camping Location No 1 was achieved last year (August 2016) on the Teign Estuary.

This was Wild Camping Location No 2. On Dartmoor.

To be undertaken within the vicinity of poisonous snakes (adders) finger-eating ponies, bum-bumping cows, a flock of piss-taking sheep, a medley of hooting owls, and a knock knock knocking woodpecker.

This was all fearlessly accomplished.

The Wild Camping Invigilator from the Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits, a Mr Bitz-Nizz – is satisfied therefore to certify that

Miss H Brown has now successfully completed Level 2 of her Wild Camping Certificate. Hurrah!