Some Snow Animals

Numerous wondrous creatures were concieved by the ‘Beast from the East’ this weekend.
A most motley medley of snow spawn.

This Faun was laid low by the pale white afternoon sun

Sheep snow 19th March 2018

It looked at me, yawned, stroked its goatee beard, then gave me the cold shoulder.

This Siberian Snow-Snake was slipped out, stone-cold, from under a blue bush.

Snowform 19 19th March 2018

It lay perfectly, powerfully, still.
I had to creep by imitating the silence of a snowflake.

I almost stepped upon this nesting Ice-Owl. It had 3 little owlets (or icelets) frozen solid inside its frosty feathers.

Snowform 14 March 19th 2018

Its cavernous eyes stared at me with icy disdain.
I dared not stare back.

Of course whenever and wherever you go for a walk there’s bound to be
a doggie yelping and yapping towards you

Sure enough, a dog leapt out from a hedge
The infamous Snooowdle
This one had just done a snowpoop.

Snow Peeple 2 March 18th 2018

Fortunately theres no need to pick it up.

Unlike the little shits done by corporeal canines
A snoowdles poo is odourless and entirely harmless.

And, thankfully,┬áit’ll have melted into thin air by tomorrow.
(the poo – and the snoowdle)

Sexy Snow

An afternoon walk up Wallaford Hill towards Dartmoor.

Snowform 2 March 19th 2018

The limpid sun was shining snowdrifts into curvilinear assortments.

The hush hush lolling and lulling across hedges of multiform mutants.

Snowform 7 March 19th 2018

The higher up I went the deeper and more serpentine these snowforms became.

Snowform 9 March 19th 2018

On the top of the hill the snow mushroomed up over the hedgerows like poppy puffballs.

Snowform 6 March 19th 2018

Great white woolly mammoths curlicued over to suck you under.

Snowform 5 March 19th 2018

Globular spongilla appeared to be engorging and expanding.

Snowform 19th March 2018

Sucky spirals carved like the wet withins of somewhere too intimate.

Snowform 18 19th March 2018

Snow is sensual. Snow is sexy.

Snow Playtime

Look who’s trying to scare the sun away.

Snow Peeple 4 March 18th 2018

It that Dim Dong dum

He got a right hand man

Snow Peeple 11 March 18th 2018

Called Mr Klonk

And this be Mrs Bloddwen Blowbundles

Snow Lady 1 edit

Back Garden Birdies Dinner Lady of Park Road

more snow lady

Serves out more than ample portions do Bloddwen.

Can’t stand to see any of her sweet little birdies go hungry.

Snow Sunday

The “Beast from the East” is back. Not being quite as beastly as it was a couple of weeks ago.

I opened the kitchen window this morning to a snowed in world again.

Snow Sunday March 18th 2018

Thro the open living room window flake-awake snow flew flurries straight onto my face.

Snow Sunday 5 March 18th 2018

Up in the silver birch were 12 stoical starlings (and a couple of other smaller birds)

Snow Sunday 6 March 18th 2018

I took some vids of the starlings chatter chittering away together (will look at them later to see if a little film might be possible)

In the afternoon I’m walking out the backend of Buckfastleigh on the lane towards Hapstead, with soft swirls of snow still falling, finessing, and filigreeing the trees and bushes.

Snow Sunday 2 March 18th 2018

Oodles of freshly laid snow powder puffing the hedgerows.

Snow Sunday 3 March 18th 2018

The snow reforming everywhere near and far into re-enchantments of light white.

Snow Sunday 4 March 18th 2018

Surviving the snow

This is Brenda (Blackcap) and Beth (Blackbird) here.
We just hopped onto blog for 2 minutes to get warm.

In such dire need we bin this week.
In need of any crumb of cold comfort.

That Beast from The East got us froze inside its icy grip.
Nearly bit our little heads off.

So fank you very much Missus Brown.
For all your seeds, nuts, crusts, and fatballs.

Helped us stay alive you have.

PS: All us Robins, Dunnocks, Wren, Sparras, and all ovver little brown jobs want to say fank you too!

Filming while freezin at back kitchen door: Hazel Brown
Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet

Buckfaststein auf den Sheeple

Buckfaststein has its own rare-breed flock of snowy sheep.

Called ‘sheeple’ (Buckfaststein is were the derisory appellation ‘sheeple’ first originated)

Sheeples are not known for being especially deep or articulate conversationalists.

Snowy Sheep March 1st 2018Sheeplish: “Baaaahh! Baaaah!”
(Translation: “Wo ist wee guv?”)

Snowy Sheep 5 March 1st 2018Sheeplish: “Bah! Ba ba Bah!”
(Translation: “Chucken uns feedlies”)

Snowy Sheep 10 March 1st 2018Sheeplish: “Ba….. Ba….. Ba….Blahbla Baaaah!.”
(Translation: “Zis snee ist maken meine vool heavi”)

Snowy sheep March 2018Sheeplish: “Ba…..Ba……B……B…..b…..b…..b!”
(Translation: “O….m….e….i….n…e….. G….o…..t….t!!”)

Snowy sheep 3 March 2018Sheeplish: “Baaah… er…. baaah…. er…. baaah… er…. baaaaahh”
(Translation: “Bum……. diddly……..bum……er….did-diddy”

Snowy Sheep 11 March 1st 2018Sheeplish: “Baaaaah und Baaaaah und Baaaaahhh und BLaaaaahhh!”
(Translation: “Wee… ist….Sheeplisher…..Mensch!…..Helfen….Uns!”

First Day of Spring

It’s officially the First Day of Spring today.

Unofficially, and actually, its the Worst Day of Winter (coldest 1st day of March since records began apparently)

A Rare Event in Buckfastleigh: Snowing (enough to make snowballs with and go sledging on).

Buckfaststein 2 March 2018

The snow blowing in on the back of The Beast from the East.

A slow snow falling frosting fast across the rooftops.

Buckfaststein March 2018

The snow turning the town into a Tyrolian village (well, looked at from a suitable distance away it does)

Snowy Buckie 3

Dreary Buckfastleigh transformed into bleary beautiful Buckfaststein.

The drab town centre car park given a magical make-over.

Snowy Buckie 1

None of those cars, or any car, would be moving tonight. The temperature, like it’s done all week, would be plummeting down towards minus 5.

This is the centre of town at about 5pm this evening.

Snowy Buckie 2

Looking pristine. And as pure….. as the driven snow.