Wild Camping

Wild Camping Certificate for Miss Brown!

Camping Certificate edit with frame

The Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits is pleased to announce the award of a ‘Wild Camping Level 2 Certificate’ to Miss Hazel Brown. The full commendation is as follows:

“For Fearless Foolhardiness While Undergoing
Wild Camping Malarkeys with Bittz of Nizzes

“Miss Brown has been a delighted and delightful co camping companion. She has demonstrated the following (camp) competences: Organisational Thoroughness; To Do List Making Particularities; Faultless Tent Erection; Setting Fire to any bits of wood lying around; The endless brewing of brews; Midnight chomping of crisps and Pringles; The stuffing in of bacon and eggs without resort to a knife or fork.

All undertaken with a cheerful disposition of giddy wonder”

Signed Mr Nizzwattly, Senior Invigilator for The Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits.

It is hoped that Miss Brown will endeavour to complete Wild Camping Level 3 and Level 4 Certification in the near future. This will involve awaking to the sifting surf of sea onto sand (Level 3) and being pitched precariously off the edge of a cliff (Level 4)

Qualification for the Wild Camping Diploma will be dependent on acquaintanceship with Wild Animals (Wild Sheep, Wild Cows, Wild Mouses etc) in their natural habitats.

All of us at The Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits wish Miss Brown much jollity, frollity, and fun, in her forthcoming Wild Camping Adventures!

Pines pointing to the stars

At dusk the pines around our camp became burnished in sunsetty shimmers.

Trees at sunset edit

From the crackly glow of the campfire we were looking up through the high heads of the pines

Into a voluminous darkness of sparkly glitters.

Being up on Dartmoor gives you that deep sensual awareness of night being properly distinct from day.

So many stars. You forget just how many stars there are up there.

Millions of millions.

Stars just about everywhere you can see.

Spreading out as far and as deep as your imagination can reach.

These pines seemed to be guiding our way in, giving us privileged access.

Starry starry night edit

Paintings: Hazel Brown; Words; Ian Nisbet

Wild Campfire

Miss H Brown also gets an extra Grade A merit and commendation as part of her Level 2 Wild Campfire module.

The requirements for which included

The making of,
The starting of,
The tending of,
The poking of,
The resuscitation of,
The killing off of,

And also,
Most importantly of all

– The marveling about –

A bona fide fiercely flaming

However no sausages were killed or sizzled
In the making of said fire.

(Which unfortunately incurs the loss of one chocolate finger)

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet; Campfire: Hazel Brown

Camping with the Tall Pines

As part of Miss H Browns Wild Camping Certificate she needs to complete 3 camps in wildly different locations.

Wild Camping Location No 1 was achieved last year (August 2016) on the Teign Estuary.

This was Wild Camping Location No 2. On Dartmoor.

To be undertaken within the vicinity of poisonous snakes (adders) finger-eating ponies, bum-bumping cows, a flock of piss-taking sheep, a medley of hooting owls, and a knock knock knocking woodpecker.

This was all fearlessly accomplished.

The Wild Camping Invigilator from the Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits, a Mr Bitz-Nizz – is satisfied therefore to certify that

Miss H Brown has now successfully completed Level 2 of her Wild Camping Certificate. Hurrah!

Wild Camping on the Teign Estuary

Down to the Teign Estuary on a lovely summer night for some ‘wild camping’.

Listening to Mahlers ‘Das Lied von der Erde’ (Song of the Earth)

Listening to owls hoot hooting.

Listening to the trains skattle rattle din on the far side.

Listening to the curlews melancholy moon music.

Listening to the air mattress slowly deflating, reflating.

Listening to that fried bacon sizzle.

We didn’t sleep much.

There’d been too much magic going on out there to waste it on sleep.

So that was Wild Camping Part 1.

Part 2 will be in a wildly wilder place: Dartmoor.

Successful completion of which will qualify Miss Brown for her Level 2 Wild Camping Certificate! (accredited by the Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits)