An ongoing repository of the potential ideas and possible projects that numerously and variously fly  in Ian-Hazel Aerospace.

There is no scheduled time of arrival for these airy creatures. But most will get to their destination( i.e here) eventually.


  1. Pastoral Scenes x 2
  2. Weaver of Words
  3. Stu The Shrew


  1. Takk
  2. Audio soundscape
  3. D H Lawrence (voice of)
  4. Swifts
  5. Icelandic Faeries
  6. Faerie Whites
  7. Rainy Moths
  8. Dusk Rooks Roosting
  9. Lily Lite
  10. Danny Barenboim
  11. Lily The Pink


  1. Grampys Secret 


  • Jellyfish
  • You need to paint the clouds with sunshine (poem)

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