Wild Camping Certificate for Miss Brown!

Camping Certificate edit with frame

The Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits is pleased to announce the award of a ‘Wild Camping Level 2 Certificate’ to Miss Hazel Brown. The full commendation is as follows:

“For Fearless Foolhardiness While Undergoing
Wild Camping Malarkeys with Bittz of Nizzes

“Miss Brown has been a delighted and delightful co camping companion. She has demonstrated the following (camp) competences: Organisational Thoroughness; To Do List Making Particularities; Faultless Tent Erection; Setting Fire to any bits of wood lying around; The endless brewing of brews; Midnight chomping of crisps and Pringles; The stuffing in of bacon and eggs without resort to a knife or fork.

All undertaken with a cheerful disposition of giddy wonder”

Signed Mr Nizzwattly, Senior Invigilator for The Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits.

It is hoped that Miss Brown will endeavour to complete Wild Camping Level 3 and Level 4 Certification in the near future. This will involve awaking to the sifting surf of sea onto sand (Level 3) and being pitched precariously off the edge of a cliff (Level 4)

Qualification for the Wild Camping Diploma will be dependent on acquaintanceship with Wild Animals (Wild Sheep, Wild Cows, Wild Mouses etc) in their natural habitats.

All of us at The Nizzwaz Institute of Outlandish Pursuits wish Miss Brown much jollity, frollity, and fun, in her forthcoming Wild Camping Adventures!


Thingy Peeple No 4: Mr Nuggetty Lymestone

Wall Thingy Face 2

Oh goodness gracious. Wot twits we am.

Look closely. Under the face of Ligetty Lymstone is another face.

It looks like it could be a relation of Ligetty, yet another Lymestone encrusted into the wall.

Nuggetty Lymstone

Goes by the name of Nugetty, Mr Nugetty Lymstone. He’s the much put upon, down trodden, older brother of Ligetty.

Got totally overlooked. Oh crumbs. Oh golly. Oh gosh.

We apologise most sincerely Mr Nugetty. Now you’ve been spotted you’ll be seen for ever old chap. We won’t let your bruv Ligetty steal all the lymelight!.

Some Shaldon Zoo Pictures

A few pics from our visit to Shaldon Zoo yesterday

Here is the Meerkat Lookout dutifully doing his job

Meerkat Lookout

His fixed focus was on something about 2 feet above our heads

Next is this White Faced Saki Monkey

White faced Saki Monkey

‘Their faces look almost like people’ Haze said.

Next is this Azara’s Agouti.


Shy animals are Agouti’s. Get preyed on a lot.

Next was this Red Bellied Lemur.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Gentle Lemur

Also a shy seeming animal. Timid. Vulnerable looking with those big baby brown eyes.

And finally here is a Bird Eating Spider

Bird Eating Spider

It was huge. I wanted to see it move. But it was fast asleep.

I’d go back to Shaldon Zoo just to sit next to this Hairy Bird Eating Beast.

Waiting to see it scuttle scurrying across its cage hissing, with fangs in the ‘bite-your-head-off’ position.

Shaldon Zoo

A birthday trip treat to little Shaldon Zoo this afternoon.

We’re seeing: Golden-Headed Lion Tamarins; Yellow-Breasted Capuchins; Common Squirrel Monkeys; White Faced Saki Monkeys; Red Ruffed Lemurs; Gentle Lemurs; Red Bellied Lemurs.

Did we know that long nosed Potoroos existed? No. Swinhoes Striped Squirrels? No. Blue Throated Conures? No.

I’ve decided to identify all the animals you see on the vid. They need to be known. They need to be remembered. They need to be honoured.

Before they all disappear out of existence.

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet