Babbacombe Beach

Shags in the Bay

For ages this Saturday afternoon I was watching a male Shag sat on a rock in Babbacombe bay.
Eventually he was joined by 1 female. And then a 2nd female.
At which point the male Shag decided his little rock had become overcrowded – and he plopped himself off.

I counted at least half a dozen Shags floating and fishing around this bit of the bay.
It appears to be a Shag friendly sort of place.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Oystercatcher rootling round the rocks

A Saturday afternoon of squally rain at Babbacombe beach.
But the piddly-pee rain didn’t stop rock pipits pipiting about.
Or oystercatchers rootling the rocks with their preposterous red beaks.

After an hour the rain stopped.
Within 10 minutes the beach was contaminated with dogs and their dogwalkers.
Cue immediate disappearance of rock pipits and oystercatchers.

This vid shows how one little oystercatcher goes about doing his work.

Film & Words: Ian Nisbet

The Old Raven of Babbacombe Bay

This old raven was waiting for me to arrive at Babbacombe bay this afternoon.

Old Raven of Babbacombe Dec 2018

Seemingly too weary and worn out to fly.
He showed no inclination to take to the air or join all the other ravens kronking in and out of the tall clifftop trees.

Simply sat around all afternoon, tamely watching and waiting.
(although he did rob a couple of crows of a seabird they’d just killed – and proceeded to neatly rip and tear it to bits)

As it got dark the old chap hopped up into the nearest lowest branches he could find, in readiness for roosting for the night.

He will probably be there again this Sunday morning.

The old raven of Babbacombe Bay. You can’t miss him.
He’ll be sat on the seawall.
Waiting for ships (or chips) to turn up.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet