The Steps of Brixham

From early childhood to the 1960’s, either to get to school, or visit my Gran’s house, meet with friends or get to the heaths and beaches at Fishcombe, I and my family had to climb the many, many steps and hills on this side of Brixham.

And there are a lot of very steep flights of steps, plus several long winding steep hills, to reach the hidden roads and old houses that link the town and harbour together.

My Dad worked at Upham’s Yard, close to Berryhead road. He took me with him often, on Saturday mornings, when he worked half days. I watched the men use the old hand tools such as Adze and saws, or caulking the planks , watching rope being made, and many other crafts used in the building of the ship “Mayflower 11” .

Having just re-visited Brixham, and made the effort to climb most of these steps, I am amazed just how many times we must have skipped, ran and jumped up and down these incredibly ancient ways that make up a large part of the Town I knew and loved.

Words: Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet

Boat Trip to Brixham

Over the Bay from Torquay to Brixham this Saturday afternoon. At a steady speed of 9.2 knots it took about 25 minutes. Embarking and disembarking added another 25 minutes.

The sea jiggled a bit. A shag shot off alarmed by our noisy chug.

As we approached Brixham Haze pointed out this

Brixham Boat 1

dads nose had got a spot on it.

Or maybe she was pointing to the house she used to be a child in during the middle of the 20th century.

Once disembarked (an odd word that, ought to mean more than ‘getting off a boat’) we sat on the wide wall of The Breakwater to eat our peppery bacon and tom ‘samwhiches’.

Would we see any shags skimming and sculling off Shoalstone beach? No. Not a one. Instead we saw this

The sun and the surf had got the spaniels happy-mad head (and tail) spinning.

It was getting hot. I was getting burnt. A ‘Peely’ personified.

We slow puffed up acutely steep steps of alleyway to 55 Northview – and looked out on this

Brixham 3

This is the ‘scene’ Haze had looked down on as a child: Brixham in all its beauty, as pretty as a picture.

I can understand now why she’s done all her harbour pictures of boats and houses.