Church on the Hill

A Cello Moon

A full moon. I’m up to the church on the hill to film spiders.

Faint murmuring of music quietly echoes around the gravestones.

When I slip inside the ruined church a sad solo cello is quietly groaning. I can’t see where it’s coming from.

Looming from out of the shadows is a figure on the floor. Dead silent, and still. A body left unattended, awaiting burial? Gulp.

The solitary cello sounds like it’s reverberating from the ground up, whispering and whining from within the stones.

I’m about to be spooked when the cello loudly lurches out into an upswell of swollen strings.

The corpse in the corner suddenly moves its leg.

It’s a middle-aged man laid out on the ground. In this dark ruined church. On his own. Looking up to the full moon shrouded in clouds.

Listening to John Taveners Protecting Veil.

Probably having an epiphany.

Until I turned up.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet


Church on the Hill Playtime!

Afternoon in Wistmans Wood is followed by early evening in possibly the second ‘most haunted place on Dartmoor’ – the burnt out church above Buckfastleigh; home of the creepy Cabell Crypt, Victorian bodysnatchers, headless horses, Anglo-Saxon burial grounds, those devil dog Whist Hounds again (or if you prefer,’Hounds of the Baskervilles’)

Plenty potential spooky supernatural malarkey going on up here.

We’ve got the idea of making a little Gothic film of this place.

So here is our first playful exploration of the mise-en-scene.

Church on Hill 1

Sepia is quite effective in denaturnalising and draining deadness into everything

The spire of this church is still in tact.

Church on Hill 2

It gleams in the dark like a demonic pointy hat

Church on Hill 3

I’ve lifted the next 2 pics from video clips

Church on Hill 4

We shot 42 video clips! I haven’t looked at them properly yet

Church on Hill 5

If tonight is anything to go by, we’re going to have a lot of fun playing in, and with, this place.

Haze is wanting to dress up in a long black cloak.

The spirit of Ken Russell lives on!