Ela Woods

At The Games of Lambs

Out to Ela Woods this cloudy afternoon.

And there, just over the hedgerow, is a meadowful of lambs. Maybe only a couple of weeks old.

Looked like they had plenty pop and pep in their springy steps. A nonstop Games of Lambs it was. No hint of bloody slaughter anywhere.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Thingy Peeple Nos 10 & 11

Spotted more of them mysterious, or possibly even mystical, Thingy Peeple down in little Ela Wood.

This is the secretive Blite Witherins.

Thingy Peeple No 10 Oct 2018

Looked in need of sustenance

About 30 feet further on was this fearsome fella

Thingy Peeple No 11 Oct 2018

Goes by the name of Knuck van Noisome. Has been know to instigate mishaps and misdemeanours.

Both of them are from the Onerous genus.

A Tall Turkey Twizzler

A walk into the back end of Ela Woods got me onto pasture dotted in grazing sheep and honking geese.
Following the geese up the rutted path lead me to a farmyard choka with chickens, ducks – and tall turkeys.

One tall turkey twizzler decided to come down to the gate to see what I’d got to offer.
Er, I got nothing for you, Mr Wattle.
Go and stuff yourself somewhere else – you greedy gobbler!
(Don’t think this turkey is going to be ticked off our birder twitchlist)

Walk, Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet