Institute Beach

Institute Beach is where its ‘at’

At least half a dozen cormorants were fishing and feeding together off Institute beach this afternoon.

And then a (big) little egret joined in.

We could see sprats and whitebait leaping up out of the sea.

Institute beach is where its ‘at’.

The Dive is jumping man!

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet


Institute Beach

Institute beach Oct 2017

You would never think to come here. We haven’t. The name ‘Institute Beach’ doesn’t exactly inspire the imagination (unlike ‘Fairy Cove’ at the other end of Paignton)

And yet what a delightful surprise. A small, sheltered, slip of a cove.

I feel totally enamoured by how how private and protected it feels, how dinkily intimate. It’s like your own little private cove. To come and collect shells on or read a book in.

It’s also used as a Dog Dump. A Dog Toilet. I saw evidence of such over by the cliffs at the back there. (Have dog. Will Shit. Anywhere. Grrrr!)

I’m sure we’ll be coming back here. To Institute Beach. A place to be re-imagined. Possibly a place to be renamed.

Question to be answered: Why ‘Institute’ Beach?