Kents Cavern

Kents Cavern

Kents Cavern is only just down the road from St Marychurch. I’ve never been.

You’re asked not to shoot vids, but you can take photos

Kents Cavern 2

The baldy boy to the left there was a hobbit our tour guide. He was doing his best. It was like being in a juvenile school party. Kind of like ‘Cave Watch for Kids’.

The cavern itself was, indeed, very cavernous. And slipperous.

Kents Cavern 3

You’d want to come here if you were illustrating fantasy fiction books.

It took about an hour to slip around these dark drippy bowels of the earth.

If you ever want to get a sense of what it might be like walking around inside your own colon (complete and compacted with hard fecal like extruberances) come on down to Kents Cavern – you’ll fascinate yourself.

Words & Photos: Ian Nisbet