Meadfoot Beach

Misty Pines

Where is this?

Are we in the Honshu forests of Hokkadio?

Misty pines 5 Feb 17th 2018

Are we looking towards the marine pines of Monterey Bay?

Misty pines 10 Feb 17th 2018

No. It’s the top end of Meadfoot beach.

In a wrap-around of shroudy sea mist.

Stormy Spurting Sea

We weren’t expecting to see the sea spurting like this. No ‘official’ storm forecast for today.

Easterlies came rushing and roaring in across the wide open Bay.

Torrenting surf shot up against the sea wall in rockets of spume and spray.

Meadfoot beach is a good place to experience a stormy sea.

New Years Eve Gold

We sat in the car in Meadfoot beach car park for over an hour, drinking coffee, watching, filming; a couple of crows came jumping about in the rain puddles, then the pied wagtail – possibly the one Haze filmed a couple of weeks ago – flitted in.

A lovely sky going on there over the bay. Goldenous clouds being beamed beautiful by the falling winter sun in scintillating gleams and glimmers.

The gloomy turbulence of 2017 given an end of year shine.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

A waggy pied wagtail

A pied wagtail in the car park at Meadfoot beach giving it a lot of waggy tail this Saturday afternoon.

And a juvenile black headed gull also hanging around for crumbs.

Up on the cliffs over Babbacombe a robin was dipping himself into a puddle for a little wash.
Blackbirds were everywhere.

When the sun is out birds like to crack on looking for food.

A surprisingly warm afternoon.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

The Life of Brian

He’s been a naughty boy that Brian

Making a Lovely Lady’s hair stand on end

Life of Brian

Whipping the Lovely Ladies hair into a right old frenzy

Life of Brian 2

The Lovely Lady can’t see where she’s going now.

(Don’t go too near the edge of that cliff Lovely Lady)

Storm Brian Manifestations Oct 2017

She’d give that stormy Brian a good talking to she would

(If she could see him)

Yes, a very naughty boy you are Brian.

Don’t do it again.