Queens Marshes

Grey Heron at Queen Marshes

This grey heron appears to be resident at Queen Marsh, Dartington.

I’ve seen it there quite frequently all winter. Along with a Little Egret.

Lugubrious is how you would describe grey herons.

Prone to patiently waiting, waiting, waiting; before pronging themselves decisively forward – headfirst onto a flickery fish.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Canada Geese Invasion

Queens Marsh at Dartington is being (re) created into a biodiverse wetland habitat: attractive for wading birds, fish, dragonflies, bats, maybe even otters.

Unfortunately, its proving to be a bit too attractive to birds that are fast becoming something of a pest in the UK: Canada Geese.

There were 200 or more grazing the grass and pulling plants out of the ponds when I was there yesterday afternoon.

A conservation attempt in the summer to seed several reed beds failed, due to all these marauding, devouring, Canada Geese.

It looked like the Pests Geese had invaded and totally taken over the Marshes.
Whats to be done? Corralling? Culling? Sending back to Canada?

Filming & Vid: Ian Nisbet