Shag Rock

New Years Eve Gold

We sat in the car in Meadfoot beach car park for over an hour, drinking coffee, watching, filming; a couple of crows came jumping about in the rain puddles, then the pied wagtail – possibly the one Haze filmed a couple of weeks ago – flitted in.

A lovely sky going on there over the bay. Goldenous clouds being beamed beautiful by the falling winter sun in scintillating gleams and glimmers.

The gloomy turbulence of 2017 given an end of year shine.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Shag Rock (minus shags)

Saturday afternoon Dec 2017

Walking along Meadfoot beach towards Triangle Point.

Paignton and Goodrington are in the midground behind. On the far horizon is possibly Churston or Clennon Gorge.

That isn’t a shag stood on the top. It’s a gull.

It starts to rain in a minute. So picture taking had to be abandoned.

The next sunsetty photo of Shag Rock WILL have shags in, and on, it.