Springwatch BBC

Keef and Candace Marie are Spwingwatching

Keef and Candace Marie are watching Springwatch with Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games. Not 2 Nuts in May – but April! (Are Chwis, Marting, Keef, and Candace Mawee)

Keef: Shall we join the big sPwing watch Candace Marie? . . Pweese say yes
Candace M: Oh yes pweese Keef!
Keef: Ganets are weally wemarkable qwetures
Candace M: I lub Ganets Keef…bit smelly tho…They got their posh puffer jackets on..Keef…
Keef: Chwis Cackbum loves his charts and gwaffs.
Candace M:: Cwis is a little bit close to that clifff edge…he loves talking about…POO
Keef:  Stop being a siwwi biwwi Chris Packbum!
Candace M: Pweese Chwis Pakbum . . Not poo again!. . You are a vewee vewee wude man.
Keef: That Marting is also a silly sausage . . . Its getting Blue Peterish now.
Candace M: Bawwy the Badger…Cwis Pakbum..snorting badger!! Ok!..
Keef; Bawwi the badger . . Gwaat! . . . This is vewee vewee exciting isnt it Candace Mawee?!
Candace M: Vewee vewee vewee! vewee!!
Keef: Pwimwoses! . . . Marting is back . . . zzzzzz .
Candace M:  Marting is a vewee borwing man. Just like you Keef!
Keef: You like borwing Candace Mawee!
Candace M: I do. Borwing is nice! Like me.
Keef: Whats he on about . . Naffodils!! . . Pakbum . . No cake for you!
Candace M: Cwis Packbum’s puffer has taken off!
Keef: We got to get counting and spotting Candace to help the BBC save The Planet. . .
Candace M: I want to save The Planet!. It’s why I plant all my lickle seeds in all my lickle windo boxes Keef!
Keef: You are a good girl Candace! Could you count all the wild furwwy qwetures too and be even gooder?! . .
Candace M: I will start tomowwow Keef!!
Keef: You will get a special Blue Peter badge Candace. From Marting!
Candace M:  I will shine! Like a lickle star!
Keef: My lickle Gold Star. Is what you are Candace Mawee
Candace M; Oh thank you Keffie baby!