Stover Park

An Irate Little Gull

The little gull in question was a black headed gull.

He appeared to be suffering from an excess of testosterone.
Bullying and bossing every other bird that dared enter his personal space; which happened to coincide with the duck feeding area where lots of seed was being thrown.

Was he fighting for feeding rights?
Or was he was wanting to show off his fighting strength and spirit?

Or was he just feeling fed up and browned off by the current calamities of a no-deal Brexit?

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Mandarin Ducks take a bow

Three pairs of mandarin ducks were up at Stover Park yesterday.

Not as ‘wild’ as they would be seen furtively flicking around Hembury Woods next to the Dart river. Here in Stover they seemed in a semi-captive state (although they’re not obviously, because they can take off to wherever they want)

Mandarins do a lot of what looks like ceremonial head bowing. You can tell they’re a non native ‘Oriental’ bird.

The male mandarin is one of the best dressed ducks imaginable. The fine tailoring that has gone into his suit is immaculate, exquisite.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Stover Park is Good!

If you’ve spent Sunday afternoon shopping in Trago Mills you’re probably in dire need of respite, recovery, refuge.

Stover Park is just over the road.

There’s a lake to walk your dog around. There’s a bird feeder observation point to scoot your kids around. There’s a Hide to tweetle birdies on the lake from. There’s Ted Hughes poems to read on marble posts. There’s a natty little dragonfly pond.

As soon as the sun appeared, dragonflies and damselflies skeetered around the rim of the pond. I think I only got a few dragonflies in this vid.

‘Only got’?! Dragonflies! Being there for me to film! No only about it. Only very. Got to be good.

And there were bees being good. And swans. And chaffinches, tits, and tree creepers, a woodpecker. All good.

And there was a squirrel being very good!

PS No pre or post Trago Mills shopping was suffered in the making of this film!

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet