Hanging out in Teignmouth on a Saturday afternoon

A short drive up (down?) to Teignmouth this afternoon.

Teignmouth Pier (150 years old) was an obvious candidate for some sepia nostalgia

Teignmouth Pier

The pier got badly damaged by the 2014 storm and had to be closed for 5 months while repairs were made to beams and decking.

Considering how ramshackle and flimsy it looks I’m surprised it didn’t go down.

Here’s something else that looked right for a rusty old paint of sepia: Grampy’s Boat circa 1950 possibly?

Teignmouth boat

There was a communal thrum coming out the beach huts and harbour houses: locals messing with their old boats, sipping in the sun, chilling with beers and barbies.

A sense of simple easy life being openly, and pleasurably, accessible.

So we had to access some: a bowl of whelks, prawns, cockles and mussels; cake and coffee.

The Blue Hut will be returned to!

The Blue Hut seafood pot

Words & Pics: Ian Nisbet