Torbay Airshow

Torbay Airshow Flies Again

A rerun – or refly – of Torbay Airshow.

Like last year we watched up on Preston Hill.

Like last year The Typhoon was back to heartstop the afternoon off.

And like last year those Red Arrows were streaking their red and white smoky stripes back and forth across the bay.

The heavy rolls of clouds threatening rain gradually got split open by the sun.

There was also ‘Catalina’, an eazi-ozi lumbering Great White Bird of a seaplane, flying slow enough to be filmed
(my newly bought Lumix camera couldn’t keep up with all the faster planes and eventually gave up the ghost).

A pleasant eazi-ozi kind of afternoon.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

The Thunderous Typhoon

The first ever Airshow came to Torbay this weekend.

There was a Spitfire and a Hurricane, 2 Breitling Wingwalkers, a Stikemaster, 4 Yakovlecs. On Sunday The Red Arrows zoomed in. They had to fly their ‘flat’ rather than full programme because there was too much overhanging cloud. No loops or rolls or wingovers; but plenty of wizzy flypasts and steepling turns.

The Typhoon that finished both afternoons off was the real showstopper. It tore the edge off the sky at 600 mph; we were all watching in awe – thunderstruck!