Torre Abbey

Torre Abbey

Over to Torre Abbey to look in the gardens for butterflies. But the day is too dull. And anyway, the Abbey could be interesting.

It was. We spent all afternoon in there. Impressive seeing all the innovative ways used to animate the exhibits: a ghostly holographic model; video monologues of various medieval characters associated with the Abbey; a large white dining table set out with filmed recordings of Lord and Lady Torre, Horatio Nelson, et al speaking out of their silver platters; monks chanting their plaintive plainsongs.

In addition there was a gallery of Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones sketches for a set of windows depicting the ‘Planets’; and a collection of plaster reliefs, busts, statues and bronzes of the Victorian sculptor Frederick Thrupp.

An amusingly animated afternoon.

Words & Video: Ian Nisbet