Month: March 2017

Hand Gibe

When watching the video below please consider the following questions:

Do hands have minds of their own?
Are the hands in this video frustrated? fearful? fervent? facile? futile?
Do excitable hands emphasis feeling or distract from meaning?
Is excessive hand gesturing a cause for alarm?
Are the hands in this video actually talking to you?
Are the hands in this video trying to grasp something, grab someone?
Around its twerpish little neck?

Are the hands in this video making any sense?

Are the hands in this video needing to go to bed?

Answers to these questions can be submitted to:

Byrne 2 Learn c/o Master Bate, Swotford College, Fingererton

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet
Music: Gyorgy Ligeti, Hungarian Rock

Sammi the Squizzler likes his nuts

We were in Tessier Gardens last Saturday, trying to entice ‘Sammi’ the squizzler down for some peanuts.

Admittedly, we didn’t have to ‘try’ very hard. He was scrambling down that oak tree and into our cupped hands quicker than a ferret up a drainpipe.

He was having a good look at Haze, eyeballing her, checking out her peanut presenting credentials. Satisfied her intentions were friendly, he proceeded to feed gently and greedily from her hands.

We’ll have him sat on the branches of our shoulders next time, fluffed up and bushy tailed, squizzling our necks.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

My Garden Birds

Back Garden Birds edit

The Blackbird, the Dunnock and the little Blackcap
All share the green lawn out in the back
Garden with stonewalls, bushes and bluebells,
Jasmine, Camelias , with bountiful Wisterias..
Robins and Magpies, quarrelling  Jackdaws…all
Peck and snatch the bread and the seed
‘Til a  Squadron of Seagulls devours all the feed!

 – Illustration & Poem: Hazel Brown