Beautiful Demoiselles (on the river Dart)

Out for a walk down the river Dart yesterday afternoon. Shock! Horror! It actually felt like a summer day for a change (we’re not seeing enough sun, feeling enough heat this year down in Devon)

I wasn’t expected much.

But then I got everything I wanted.

Beautiful Demoiselles!

That’s the actual name of these damselflies: “Beautiful Demoiselles”

How lucky am I?! The afternoon was transformed.

I got into my zone of intent absorption looking for these ‘beauties’ with my camera.

First there was a bronze green female. Then a bigger blue black male fluttered up.
I was having to be patient, use stealth, to get close enough up to them to get good vid.

And meanwhile the steam train was tootle tootling back and forth.

And the buzzard was up there above hunting and swooping.

And a little herd of Red Devon cows descended into the water to drink a refreshing bellyful of river.

My mood moved out of neutral into slightly enthralled.

A bit of Thursday afternoon enchantment on the Dart river with the Beautiful Demoiselles.

Boodiful! (as they say down here)

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet

Anstey’s Cove

Only 10 mins down the road by car.
Deckchairs and sunloungers for hire overlook the cosy cove.
A cafe being busy.

We’ve clambered down to Redgate beach.
Paddle boarders are slow brushing the sea flat.
And here come kayakers twintubbing in tandem.
Jarring jet skis are, thankfully, ripping the seas skin off far enough away.

The tide gently waves its way towards our laps.
A chance to dip in some toesies.
The water is warm, clear, and calm.
We can inch further in up to our ankles, our knees, the tops of our legs.
Might sit down in this nice sea and splash about with arms next time.

Got to go clamber climb those jagged rocks again.
Haze has quick scarpered up to the top.
(Like one of them Blonde Babbacombian Mountain Goats)

There’s cones of cool ice cream waiting for us in that cafe.

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet

Magpie Malarkey

Magpies are daily visitors to the bird table in the back garden.

Antagonistic birds.
Annoying birds.
Aggravating birds.
Malarking about birds.
‘Badboy’ birds.

Birds wiv attitude.
Birds who don’t take no for an answer.

Magpies and jackdaws don’t get on.
(if the vid below is anything to go by)

Actually, magpies don’t seem to get on with anybody.

Except themselves.

Vid: Ian Nisbet; Filming: Hazel Brown