Silking in the Sky

I’m waiting at the coach station for a National Express. It never turned up.

What did turn up was this.
A garden spider going about its business.

Busily. Beautifully.
Silking in the sky.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Hetty The Hanger On

Hetty the hanger on Dec 2017

I’m Hetty the Hanger On
Strung up here
Willing dinner to come
Held from suspended state
In interminable wait
I’m Hetty the Hanger On

As you can see (or can’t see) I’m quite tiny
Sat anywhere but here
You wouldn’t find me
I’m Hetty the Hanger On
Ultra neat and impeccably tidy
Whiling my hours away rather slyly

Hung from the end of my tether
I can hold this pause
For as long, well, as long as whenever
Coz I’m Hetty the Hanger On
My forbearance stretches
Out for forever

I stay silent, imperturbably still
My movement is perfectly nil
I’m Hetty the Hanger On
My will to restrain
From this doors window pain
Is an agonized slow motioned thrill

I revel in monotonous glum
I love to play dead and act dumb
I never feel tedious bored
For with web tightly spun
My trapdoor is sprung
I’m Hetty the Hanger On

Kitchen door spider 4 Dec 2017

I exist to entangle entwine
My patience effortless, sublime
Applying iotas of pressure
For unpleasant pleasure
I’m Hetty the Hanger On

A killjoy suppressor
From minute morsels I dine
I’m Hetty the Hanger On
I negate endeavour
I negative time
My motive malign
For crawly creep crime

With endurance exemplary
I intense intentionally
An alarming arachnid
Pulling strings as expected
Mites must succumb my way eventually
All my window pain worth it
For I’m Hetty the Hanger On

And I’m having such
Ad infinitums of fun!

Poem & Pictures: Ian Nisbet

Kitchen door spider 3 Dec 2017

Big Barry Dies

Big Barry was scampering around a couple of weeks ago. Lashing his spidery long legs about like whips.

But on Friday he died.

Died slowly and conspiciously, in the middle of the kitchen.

Was he trying to free himself from a cannibal spiders web? (hence why he lost a couple of legs)

Or was he ravaged. By a ferocious female. While on the job. And with duty done had now to do the decent thing – go crawl away and die?.

But his dying was agonising, hopelessly pathetic.

Almost tragic.

Vid: Ian Nisbet; Filming: Hazel Brown

Big Barry & The Cannibals

This Big Barry Spider lives in Hazes kitchen at the moment.

Possibly under the sink. Possibly behind the washing machine.

Unless The Cannibals have wrapped him up for dinner already. Like they did a couple of weeks ago with another black spider. Nearly as big as Barry.

Big Barry don’t come out much.

It’s not because he’s frightening.

It’s because he’s frightened.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet
Fearless Filming: Hazel Brown

Some Shaldon Zoo Pictures

A few pics from our visit to Shaldon Zoo yesterday

Here is the Meerkat Lookout dutifully doing his job

Meerkat Lookout

His fixed focus was on something about 2 feet above our heads

Next is this White Faced Saki Monkey

White faced Saki Monkey

‘Their faces look almost like people’ Haze said.

Next is this Azara’s Agouti.


Shy animals are Agouti’s. Get preyed on a lot.

Next was this Red Bellied Lemur.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Gentle Lemur

Also a shy seeming animal. Timid. Vulnerable looking with those big baby brown eyes.

And finally here is a Bird Eating Spider

Bird Eating Spider

It was huge. I wanted to see it move. But it was fast asleep.

I’d go back to Shaldon Zoo just to sit next to this Hairy Bird Eating Beast.

Waiting to see it scuttle scurrying across its cage hissing, with fangs in the ‘bite-your-head-off’ position.

Her Ladders of Death


This common spider
weaves her web of tensile steel
Dewdrop ladders..thin threads
Outwit the wasp, the fly..
Outwitting all who stumble by.

Long silvered cables stretch
Across the unwary eye.
Stuck..sticky stretches of
A wished for prize…
Wrapped ..stung..sucked dry.

Satisfied..smug in her dull brown coat
Full bellied, pompous ..prim,
She attends her ladders of death
As September sunbeams warm her prey!

Drawing & Poem: Hazel Brown